United Methodist Association of Health and Welfare Ministries:The Gateway to EAGLE

A Message to You

from our CEO, Mary Kemper

In this month’s newsletter, we are excited to launch our Then & Now Heritage Series, just before we gather in Maryland as a family of United Methodist communities at our Annual Meeting, May 16-17. Then & Now highlights the history of our UMA members, from their humble beginnings to their remarkable evolution as innovative organizations serving their communities while staying true to the core values of their Methodist roots. I must admit that I didn’t always appreciate history. As a child, I would tag along with my dad on weekends while he traveled to yard sales and flea markets, rummaging...

Our Mission

In the name of the United Methodist church, the mission of the United Methodist Association is to improve the quality of life for those served by UMA members, to expand the footprint of service to those in need, and to lead the setting of standards of service through the EAGLE program.