Human Resource Professionals: CAN WE TALK?

UMA member organizations serve a variety of clients, and HR is a critical piece. We invite you to join other HR Professionals for support, networking, ideas, and fellowship in our monthly conference calls every 2nd Wednesday at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.


WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11 at 11:00 A.M. Eastern: Are You Stuck in the Performance Review Quagmire?

Learn How One Organization Aligned their Culture with an Innovative Coaching/Mentoring Model

Our Guest Speakers for the November call will be members of the Executive Team of Garden Spot Village to discuss their innovative mentoring and coaching model, and how ForgeWorks’ Guild of Organizational Artisans – a community of organizational leaders practicing the art of leadership, living their mission and creating lasting impact – helped change their workforce leadership journey to create an environment rooted in Mentorship, Stewardship, Service, Integrity, Values, and Fun.

Please join us for a discussion with…
Garden Spot Village
New Holland, PA

Network participation is limited to UMA member organizations. To include your name in the Human Resources Network, email