Mary Message

Dear UMA Members, EAGLE Accredited Communities, Partners and Supporters,

Last September, when I took the helm at UMA, I was inspired by the work and vision of UMA and EAGLE. This past 12 months, I have had the privilege of meeting and visiting so many UMA leaders throughout the country. Your stories and commitment continue to inspire the UMA leadership, staff and me. Together, we continue to work toward the UMA mission to improve the quality of life for those served by UMA members, to expand the footprint of service to those in need, and to lead the setting of standards of service through the EAGLE program.

Thank you for your tremendous support. With your dedication, energy and determination, we achieved a great deal in a busy 12 months and have much to celebrate. Here are some of the highlights:

Demonstrate and communicate the value proposition for UMA.

Position UMA as the gateway to EAGLE

Plan and implement shared learning events throughout the country to highlight EAGLE best practices and create networking opportunities for members.