Educational Assessment Guidelines Leading toward Excellence

Educational Assessment Guidelines Leading toward Excellence (EAGLE) is the only faith-based accrediting body in the world, and we focus on ministry with older adults and children. Our goal is to recognize organizations that voluntarily go beyond the minimum requirements of licensure to improve operational processes and outcomes. In short, EAGLE challenges organizations not just to compete in a challenging human services environment, but to soar above the competition while living their faith values!

Though our foundation and history are based in Methodism, EAGLE is ecumenical and applicable to ALL denominations.



The Methodist Church first established minimum operating standards for its related institutional ministries in the mid 1950s. Originally, the Board of Hospitals and Homes (later renamed the Division of Health and Welfare Ministries), worked with the National Association of Health and Welfare Ministries to establish minimal standards for the operation of ministries related to a unit of the denomination.

Determining and continually upgrading these certification standards established precedent that has since been emulated many times by numerous secular bodies and public organizations, which share similar concerns for quality care.

In August 1984 the United Methodist Association’s Board of Directors formed a task force to revitalize the original Certification Program of the Church. Representatives from a variety of ministries interested in the development of a program involving self-study and peer review were selected to constitute this task force.

Through its developmental stages the task force debated how the program should be organized and operated. The outcome of these re-vitalization debates was the development of the Educational Assessment Guidelines Leading toward Excellence, or EAGLE, Accreditation. Since 1984, EAGLE Accreditation has incrementally evolved as a unique, voluntary, self-assessment, peer review program for faith-based organizations.


“Provide a voluntary program utilizing principles and goals that promotes, pursues and recognizes excellence in the holistic, Christian mission and ministry of an organization.”


“Be the premiere provider of voluntary accreditation services for Christian health care and human service organizations.”


EAGLE accreditation rests on a foundation of four core values, which the EAGLE Commission believes reflect a rich theological heritage.