“Asbury’s EAGLE accreditation reinforces our pursuit of excellence on behalf of those we serve by helping ensure that we meet rigorous standards of quality and care while also fulfilling our not-for-profit, faith-based mission. EAGLE’s standards and accreditation principles further support Asbury’s reputation not just as a provider of quality care for older adults, but also as an organization with a strong financial foundation and a culture of organizational excellence that will continue to deliver on its mission to do all the good we can well into the future.

For those we serve, Asbury’s EAGLE accreditation strengthens our organization’s resolve and care practices by focusing our efforts on outcomes and continually striving to improve, meeting and exceeding established standards of care, and emphasizing the spiritual basis and Christian values at the heart of Asbury’s service delivery throughout its 88-year history. Asbury residents have peace of mind in knowing that conscientious stewardship and dependable, compassionate care are not just a promise made by Asbury, but are also reinforced through EAGLE’s standards.

The process of applying for EAGLE accreditation throughout the Asbury organization was a valuable exercise in reviewing all aspects of our organizational operations, in some instances helping to align existing practices and emphasize efficiencies as part of EAGLE’s directive to continually seek ways to improve. Further, Asbury benefits from EAGLE’s emphasis on providing services and care within the framework and values of Christian ministry.”

Connie Maxwell Children’s Home

“EAGLE Accreditation enables Connie Maxwell Children’s Home to strive for excellence in service while maintaining the core fundamentals of a Christian organization. EAGLE accreditation challenges our organization to not only uphold a commitment of excellence, a fostering of organizational learning, and valuing a tradition of hope and healing for children and families; but also acknowledging and celebrating our ability to provide these services as a faith-based ministry.

The Mission Statement of Connie Maxwell Children’s Home emphasizes our purpose to “care for children and families by developing and strengthening positive relationships in a Christian environment”. In our endeavor to accomplish this task EAGLE accreditation further enables us to strive to provide the highest level of integrity and ethical practices while supporting our God-centered vision toward improving spiritual relationships with children and families along with the development of skills necessary to lead wholesome and productive lives beyond the services offered by Connie Maxwell.

Through our experience with EAGLE we have been able to continue our mission and vision of serving others utilizing the most up to date standards and best practices in accordance with society, and continuing to uphold our commitment to be the good stewards God has called us to be now and in the future.”

Lutheran Homes Society

“Lutheran Homes society is a ministry of the Church, specifically of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. In our Mission Statement, we describe ourselves as ‘followers of Christ…called to do what lies in our power to share burdens that weigh upon the young and the old and to alleviate sorrow and misery in His Name.’

Such statements raise all sorts of questions for us: Are we actually doing what we have been called to do? Are we really following Christ as we do so? Is it possible to be both faithful and effective and how is that measured? As we strive to share the burdens and suffering of older adults and youth in need, we are reminded at every turn that we must be intentional and persistent in our efforts to stay on track. If we really believe that God is calling us to do the work we are doing, we must be sure that we are doing our best. Indeed, for the People of God, the stakes are high.

It is for this reason that the LHS Board of Directors specifically selected EAGLE over all other accreditation alternatives. EAGLE was intentionally “designed to inspire and recognize excellence in Christian ministry.” EAGLE gives us a way of accessing our witness in concrete, measurable ways; it declares to those we are seeking to serve that we really are what we say we are and we really do what we say we do. At the same time, it challenges us to an even greater Mission faithfulness, helping us to grow in our becoming what we have been called to be: Instruments of God’s redeeming and healing love in and for a broken world.”