Deputy Director at TMM Family Services


Consistent with the organization’s Mission Statement, plans for and administers the agency to fill human needs by means of supportive housing, foster care, programs for persons with special needs, recycling and other programs as the need arises.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

General Administration:  Recommends policies and procedures to the President/CEO and/or assists the President/CEO in the formulation of policies for the effective and economically efficient operation of the agency.  Ensures implementation of policies adopted by the Board.  Supports the President/CEO regarding the administrative responsibility for public accountability of the agency, maintenance of all facilities, day-to-day operations, and regular compliance reporting to all regulatory and other bodies with which the agency does business.  Works with the President/CEO to ensure that legal obligations of the agency are met, that insurance coverage is in effect at all times, and that each member of the management team is fulfilling his / her responsibilities.

Financial Management: Assists in the preparation of agency operating budgets and financial controls.  Supports the President/CEO in the direction of the financial operations of the agency.  Participates in fund raising activities, by writing letters, making speeches and stimulating activities of others in direct fund raising, especially online fund raising.  May assist in the overall direction of fund raising efforts.  Works closely with the President/CEO in establishing strong working relationships with the Board of Directors, Treasurer and Finance Committee.  Represents the agency favorably with the Foundation, its Board, and in the representation of any endowment funds.  Assists the President/CEO is the negotiation of, and/or commitment to, any contracts for the agency that are in the normal course of the agency’s business.  Assist in the negotiation and commitment to all other contracts after authorization by the Board of Directors or its Executive Committee. Assists with Finance staff to ensure that all contracts and rental income is timely and complete.

Personnel: Assists in the direction, management, and overall responsibility for the agency’s personnel functions.  Provides support in the areas of employment, supervision, evaluation, promotions, compensation, termination, and staff training.  Assists in keeping the Personnel Committee informed of planned actions concerning hiring, promotions, salary adjustments and terminations, consistent with the current Employee Personnel Manual.  Provides supporting rationale upon which decisions are based.  Assists with records maintenance.  Supports the President/CEO in recruitment, training and direction of staff and volunteers.

Program Development:  Assists in the ongoing evaluation of services being provided by the agency and recommends modifications where appropriate.  Assists in recommending plans and developing new programs, as needed.  Works closely with the Program Committee of the Board and Management staff.

Public Relations:  As directed by the President/CEO, interprets the functions of the agency to the community through public relations programs, including personal contact, literatures and the media.  Fosters good will and positive attitudes toward the agency. Works cooperatively with agency staff who direct most of the Public relations and Community relations.

Board Relations:  Works with the President/CEO to develop and recommend specific long and short range plans for the development of programs and services to the Board of Directors.  Identifies problem areas and areas where policies may need to be changed or established and makes recommendations to the President/CEO.  Works with the President/CEO to arrange for orientation and training programs for the Board.  Supports the President/CEO in his efforts to maintain strong working relationships with the Board and its committees.  Interprets trends in the transitional, independent living field and in human services by maintaining professional involvement in the field as a whole.

Community and Faith Relations: Maintains effective relationship with clients, their families, and with religious congregations, private and governmental agencies, businesses and individuals involved with agency functions.  Assists the President/CEO as a strong liaison between the agency and the community.


Education:  Master’s Degree in social services, public administration, health, housing, finance or other related field.  Graduate level theological education helpful when combined with other educational skills as listed.

Experience: 3 to 5 years of supervisory or managerial experience in social services, public administration, property management, real estate sales/housing development, private business or a related field, or combination of related fields.  Appreciation of the Judeo-Christian faith is essential.

Skills:  Ability to effectively manage employees and volunteers; to plan, organize and implement activities appropriate to the goals of the agency; to work well with volunteer boards and committees; to plan, monitor, and evaluate budgets; to research, write and apply for grants.  Must possess strong writing, computer and communication skills.  Must enjoy working with children, families and adults from various ethnic, religious and economic circumstances.


Entrepreneurship: Experience with starting, organizing, a business while exercising considerable initiative and innovation. The appreciation and understanding of the risks involved with a new business undertaking.

Property Management: Experience with the oversight and supervision of rental and program housing. Ensuring that grants are drafted correctly, submitted within the allotted timeframe.

Social Services Management: Experience dealing with multi-need populations.

Asset Management: Maintaining the goal of asset growth without impairing program delivery.

To apply please email: dstrauch@tmmfs.or or

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