Methodist Children's Home

Waco, Texas

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Job Summary:

The President provides overall management, planning, direction, Christian leadership, and vision to Methodist Children’s Home. The President must maintain a healthy value system, including moral and ethical behavior consistent with the agency’s mission and core values.

The President:

Works with the Board of Directors and staff to develop and revise policies and priorities.

• Helps ensure adequate physical, financial, and spiritual resources.

• Supports the development and evaluation of programs and projects.

• Communicates and interprets the mission and goals of Methodist Children’s Home.

• Speaks and passionately advocates for the organization and for children, youth and families in general.

• Ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and accrediting standards.

• Reports to, and is accountable to, the Board of Directors.

• Ensures that the Board of Directors is aware of and fulfills its governance responsibilities, complies with applicable laws and bylaws, and conducts Board business effectively and efficiently.

• Maintains active leadership roles in local, state, national, and church organizations relating to children, youth, and families. Participation should not interfere with the duties of the President of Methodist Children’s Home.

The staff positions reporting directly to the President are:

Vice President for Quality Improvement

• Vice President for Development

• Vice President for Finance

• Vice President for Human Resources

• Vice President for Programs

• Executive Assistant