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Meeting of Members

The Heart Led Leader; Tommy Spaulding

UMA General Session Tuesday

Open Table Nashville Video

Project Transformation TN Video

Miriam’s Promise Video

A1 Bridging the Chasm; Aaron Rulnick, Eric Endres

A2 Workforce Development Strategy; Rob McMonagle, Jason Brennan

A3 Exploring Solutions Pharmacy Costs; Stephen Carrabba

A4 Cyber Security in Healthcare; John DiMaggio, David Baker

B1 Approach to Transitioning Youth; Jeff Creel, Christina Gerhardt

B2 Exceptional Governance; Melissa Andrews PPT
B2 Selective Attention Test Video; Melissa Andrews
B2 You Know Shift Happens Video; Melissa Andrews

B3 Facility Scorecards Quality Outcomes; Melissa Latter

C1 NextAge MS Beyond Our Doors; Steve McAlilly, Michelle Daniel

C2 Leading Change Age of Anxiety; Jack Shitama

C3 Investing Sustainably; Kirsty Jenkinson

C4 Employee Benefit Plans; Mark Holloway

D1 Following Wesley’s Ideals; Sharon Hinton

D2 LeadershipLENS; Debbie Reed

D3 Having Faith in Brand and Vision; Robbie Voloshin, Steve Smith

E1 Permanent Housing for Homeless Srs; Ron Budynas, Jim Nasso

E2 The Future of Methodist Providers: The CEO Perspective; Rich Scanlon, Ron Jennette, Jill Wilson, Tim Brown

E3 Development is a Contact Sport; Jeff VanCamp

F1 Creating Trauma-Informed Org; Maxine Redd, Jeffrey Lawrence

F2 High Cost of Low Morale; Rafael Haciski, Bette McNee

F3 Digital Healthcare Marketing PPT, Tom Mann     
F3 Davenport Why He Loves Alexa Video; Tom Mann

F3 Integrated Marketing Video; Tom Mann
F3 Micro-Moments Video; Tom Mann

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