Adoption Services

These UMA Member Organizations offer adoptions services, and should be contacted directly for additional information. The inclusion here does not imply endorsement by UMA, but is provided as a service only.

The Florida UM Children's Home, Orlando, FL
Provides adoption services throughout the state of Florida.
(386) 668-4774 | Web Page Link

The Methodist Home for Children, Philadelphia, PA
Does not facilitate private adoptions, but does work with local and county agencies.
(215) 877-1925 | Web Page Link

Spero Family Services in Mount Vernon, IL
Offers both local and international adoption.
(618) 242-1070 | Web Page Link

Chaddock, Quincy, IL
Offers opportunities to foster-to-adopt
(217) 222-0034 | Web Page Link

Hillcrest Family Services
Dubuque, IA
Hillcrest Family Services helps families through the processes of both domestic and international adoptions. We know the steps to take to make the process as smooth as possible. There are several options for today’s adoptive parents.
(877) 437-6333 |  Web Page Link